Soul Circle

Soul Circle WOmens circle stafford

Wednesday 19th June | 7.15pm - 9pm | Tixall Hall, Stafford

Includes: Meditation Circle, Women's Wellness Workshop & Light Refreshments

Tickets: £16

Come and join the Soul Circle for an evening of connection, empowerment, and relaxation.

Pelvic Health Workshop

Have you ever really thought about how important your pelvic health is? It is another taboo subject for many, but we really need to embrace it and understand it more to help ourselves out.

Good pelvic health contributes to our overall well-being, enables women to lead active and comfortable lives without discomfort or limitations.

Join Sian Pugh from Fresh Start PT, a Stafford based Personal Trainer who specialises in Women’s Health.

She will be educating us about our Pelvic Floor, from common issues and their causes, to how we can improve our pelvic health, and get the muscles working how we need them to when we are moving.

Soul Circle June Post

The Soul Circle is not just a workshop; it’s a safe space where women can come together to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and holistic wellness.

As you enter, you'll be embraced by a warm atmosphere, inviting you to release the burdens of daily life and embrace the rejuvenating energy that envelops our circle.

The Soul Circle is a space for wellness, with moments of mindfulness, meditation, and shared wisdom.

Whether you're a seasoned explorer of self-discovery or a curious newcomer, all are welcome to join.

Your journey to peace and wellness begins here, in the heart of the Soul Circle.

Booking Information

All bookings require payment in advance, once payment is received and confirmed, your place is reserved. Payments are non-refundable – if you cancel your booking, a credit towards a future workshop or event with Health and Soul will only be given if we are able to fill the cancelled space.

In the very unlikely event that we may have to cancel or postpone a workshop, we will do our best to give adequate notice and happily refund fees paid or offer credit towards a future workshop.